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I need to remove the discoloration or scaling after heat treating processes.

"Your problem can be successfully solved with shot blasting technology using glass or ceramic beads inside FerroECOBlast blast cabinets or ecological blast rooms.

Please note that FerroECOBlast has built a comprehensive range of surface treatment problems and solutions for nearly all known industries. Therefore please don't hesitate to contact us and present your specific problem, as we probably already have the solution to it."

Products (6)

  • BLAST SOFTLINE cabinets

    Stock status: available

    Cabinets BLAST SOFTLINE are our standard blast cabinets made by professionals for professionals. BLAST SOFTLINE cabinets are ergonomically designed for day-to-day sand blasting in maintenance and production workshops.

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  • DV cabinets

    Stock status: available

    DV blast cabinet is equipped with front lift door with air springs, which enables the installation of the cabinet in a smaller room. Front opening door enables loading and unloading of heavier parts by a fork lifter or by a crane.

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  • Blast rooms

    Stock status: available

    Improve your productivity with quality engineered ecological blast rooms!

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  • COMPACT cabinets

    Stock status: available

    BLAST Softline ECO Compact is a very compact ALL-IN-ONE blast cabinet ready to work. It is ergonomically designed for day-to-day work in maintenance and production workshops. It's design enables and can be easily and quickly transported to any desired location.

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  • XXL Blast cabinets

    Stock status: available

    XXL cabinets are derived from our standard Softline blast cabinets and are specially designed for the toughest sand blasting conditions with use of the roughest abrasive media. XXL cabinets can be completely customized for customer specific needs.

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  • WETBLAST cabinets

    Stock status: available

    FerroECOBlast manufactures a wide range of wet blasting cleaning and degreasing systems, extending from small manual cabinets suitable for automotive workshops to large automatic machines used for special applications such as the surface preparation of wire and extruded products and the automatic cleaning of complex components and dies.

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