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Solution examples for Pharmacy

Stainless steel products and technological processes used in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Aluminum pallets and other "custom made" products to the customer specifications,
  • Processing equipment and other INOX products by order (stainless material),
  • Cleaning with dry ice (ecological process),
  • Treatment of surfaces with different technological procedures - blasting of stainless steel, ...

Cleaning with dry ice

Cleaning with dry ice has many advantages over conventional processes such as sanding and cleaning with water under high pressure.

Dry ice effectively removes dirt, ice itself is changed into harmless CO2 gas, and so does not leave behind contaminated water, dust or sand that must be removed. The only result of cleaning with dry ice is clean surface of the object without any damages.

Watch the television news report of local TV station "Vaš Kanal" from the second International Conference of dry ice, which was conducted at the company FerroČrtalič 2010 (Slovenian language):


Aluminium pallets

Aluminium pallets are specially designed for use in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry, where high hygienic demands have to be suited.

The pallets are welded from aluminium profiles, which provides them with high load capacity and the expected purpose for the most demanding hygiene users (by GMP standard) . After welding each manufactured pallet goes through a waterproof testing , which is carried out according to a validated procedure of the manufacturer and is proved by the reference declaration.


Processing equipment

Construction, production and assembly of special equipmnt, sterilizers and machines from INOX material for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Polishing and dosing lines in food and pharmaceutical industry are assembled by our high trained and experienced workers.

Our team of workers use the latest technology and laser equipment, when assembling equipment, dosing lines and transport machines. Many of the most demanding projects, which were done by our team and many orders from foreign suppliers of processing equipment, confirm our quality work and satisfaction of our customers. 


Research partners

Research partners: Univerza v LjubljaniBAYREUTH UNIVERSITYFraunhoferCleanER 




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