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شات پینینگ

Shot peening is used for surface hardening of mechanical parts running under toughest conditions and are subject to extreme wear. Shot peening can increase fatigue life up to 1000%.

Where Is This Surface Treatment Applicable?

  • Shot peening is used on gear parts, cams and camshafts, clutch springs, coil springs, connecting rods, crankshafts, gearwheels, leaf and suspension springs, rock drills, and turbine blades.
  •  Shot peening is a crucial process in spring making.
  •  Shot peening may be used for cosmetic effect - overlapping dimples causes light to scatter upon reflection
  •  Shot peening can apply materials on metal surfaces – peen plating.  When the shot or grit particles are blasted through a powder or liquid containing the desired surface coating, the impact plates or coats the workpiece surface.

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