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Sand blasting

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  • BLAST 27-16 RWHE

    Stock status: available

    Special blasting system SHAFTBLAST 2500 ECO-VERT is designed for inside and outside blasting of jet engine shafts 

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  • Blastline 80 TC

    Stock status: available

    Blastline 80 TC is a complete, fully automatic deflashing system for bulk processing of high quality zinc die casting components.

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  • CLP

    Stock status: available

    CLP is a robotic deflashing system, integrated into customer's automated production of high quality zinc die casting components. The objective of our customer is to make components that are as finished as possible in the machine. A high degree of automation removes costly and time-consuming handling.

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  • Roboblast 3000 ECO WIND

    Stock status: available

    This is a robotized blast room, designed for precise and uniform surface treatment of serial products, where the repeatability of the process and uniform appearance of the surface is extremely important.

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  • Boilerblast machines

    Stock status: available

    FerroECOBlast Boilerblast machines are high tech industrial machines, designed and made for surface preparation of water heaters prior to enamelling process.

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