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Our knowledge is assurance, that we will handle the problem the right way!

With 50-years of know-how, tradition of innovation and excellence, we enable our customers to be always one step ahead their competition.

A partner, who does not have enough knowledge, can deal with the problem the wrong way, and by choosing a not suitable abrasive medium can permanently damage your materials.

When working with us, this cannot happen!

With 50 years tradition, constant attention to development, and with our own experiences we are an indispensable partner in the European business.

Our guidance is not just to sell a product to a customer, but to suggest the most suitable equipment for him and we use our experience to give the right advise.

Our company is specialized in engineering and planning of technologically demanding sandblast machines, inline machines, painting rooms, and in the development of sandblasting technology for all specific needs of our customers.

How do we keep our level of knowledge?

All employees have made technical trainings and have taken professional exams, which are necessary for a successful work.

Because of specific characteristics of our products is our team constantly upgrading it's knowledge in Europe and America, so we can use the latest know how and technologies in our production, to meet all standards and regulations of the EU.

Concern regarding quality

By constant research and development we improve the quality of our machines, and the safety at work with the blast machines by optimizing our working processes, and by choosing the best solution and material we enable our customers to be one step ahead their competition.

Improving the system of quality control and excellent aftersales activities assure our customers, that they will receive the most advantageous products, thus enabling us to stay at the top of the supply in the world market.

How do we cooperate with our customers after having bought our product?

We are available for our partners and customers also after the purchase of FerroECOBlast machines and equipment, because our main emphasis is the accessibility and fast responses to solve their problems.

We give them the safety of a fast maintenance and a quality service with immediate supply of spare parts, which enables you, not to loose time and money with machine breakdowns.


Research partners

Research partners: Univerza v LjubljaniBAYREUTH UNIVERSITYFraunhoferCleanER 




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