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About us

About us

Who are we?

Our name Ferročrtalič stands for 50-years of know-how, tradition of innovation and excellence. By constant research and development in the field of surface treatment systems, we are an indispensable partner to the European and also global industry. 

For almost five decades we have been trusted by respectful domestic and foreign companies. We provide the best possible solutions for our customers. Our main advantages are specialization, adjustment to the needs of the customers and reliabilty.

It is not just constant improvement and innovation that is important for us. The primary aim of our company is to advise in present the technology, that our customer needs to solve a concrete problem.

Short history of the company

The company Črtalič has been established in 1964 as a small workshop. In years it has developed into a family company, well known in the Slovenian and world business. At the moment 28 technicians and engineers are employed by the company.

The company is situated in two locations. The management, engineering and production is situated in Sela pri Dolenjskih Toplicah, surrounded by forests of Kočevje, while the rest of production and the warehouse is in Novo mesto.

Bojan Črtalič, after having finished his studies in 1975, has began with development and production of sandblasting technique and equipment, which then became our main line of production.

A few years later his wife Slavojka joined the company, in 1996 his daughter Mojca and later in 2009 also his second daughter Anja. Son Jernej also owns a company, who takes care of safe working of the equipment and of the quality service as also of immediate deliveries of spare parts for our machines and FerroECOBlast equipment. That is how FerroČrtalič d.o.o. became a typical family company.


Which awards did we receive?

1978 First patent for a special air valve on a blasting machine.  
1998 Certificate ISO 9001.
1999 Silver medal on fair MOS 99 - Slovenia.

Bronze medal for innovation on fair IENA, Nürnberg, Germany.

2000 Silver medal for filter-recycling unit CENTRO 2/2 ECO.

CENTRO 2/2 ECO on International Salon of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Golden medal on America's largest invention show INPEX XVI, Pitsburg where we introduced AIR BAG tightening system.

2001 Silver medal on INPEX , USA, for very effective and simple mix-chamber for sand with flow adjustor and patented cascade system.

Silver medal in Geneva, Switzerland for mix-chamber for sand with flow adjustor.

2003 Company was placed in the group of fast growing slovenian companies - GAZELA 2003
2004 Company was placed in the group of fast growing slovenian companies - GAZELA 2004

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Company's mission

Our primary goal is to help our partners all over the world to solve problems regarding surface treatment and to improve the growth of their companies.

Our philosophy is tracking the novelties and constant development through innovations and research, which enables us to put ourselves on the top of the suppliers of technological solutions in sandblasting.

All this is a result of our high motivated team, which is focused on the satisfaction of our customers all over the world.

We work hard every day to become the indispensable partner and we are binded to overcome the expectations of our customers, with which we build an honest partnership.

The basic direction of our work is defining us as an ecologically conscious enterprise on the market.

Vision of the company

Our concern is to look toward our customers and their long-term satisfaction with us and our products.

Our goal is to become a leading European company by constant technological research and development.


Official information about FerroČrtalič d.o.o.


Company: FerroČrtalič uvoz-izvoz d.o.o.
Short title: FerroČrtalič d.o.o.
Headquarters: Sela pri Dolenjskih Toplicah 47, 8350 Dolenjske Toplice, SLOVENIA
ID-no of the company: 5712459
VAT ID-no: SI25061437
Accounts: NLB d.d. Ljubljana 02970-0013217579
  SKB d.d Ljubljana 03150-1000012845
Registrar: District court of Novo mesto, registration no 1/02921/00
Manager: Mojca Andolšek

FerroČrtalič - Serbia

Company: FerroČrtalič - S.B. d.o.o.
Headquarters: Ul. Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 94, lok. 4, Novi Beograd
  11070 Beograd, Srbija
tel./fax +381 (0)11 312 29 72
gsm +381 (0)65 356 36 26
email:  info-srbija@ferrocrtalic.com
web:  www.peskarenje.net

Research partners

Research partners: Univerza v LjubljaniBAYREUTH UNIVERSITYFraunhoferCleanER 




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